I looove this episode :)))

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I am in total shock, sad, devastated, disappointed, mourning… : (((

Firstly Cote de Pablo didn’t sign contract, so it means NCIS without Ziva and more important Tiva. I wait 8 years to happen and I will get nothing.

Secondly Polish National Team lost volleyball matches in World League and they won’t go to finals in Argentina, I am a bit disappointed. They fucking won last year First Prize, they’ve got Gold Medal and now they played like lazy team. I hope they will get better and they will win European Volleyball Championship this fall.

And lastly the most shocking news this year: Cory Monteith, star of one of my favourites TV series died. I am speechless, I cannot even cry. I listen Glee music and i cannot believe in this news. 



You’re gonna be getting a call from the company that wrote your auto policy. They, uh, heard about the accident you had last night, and they’re putting you on the at-risk list. I guess it’s to be expected. I mean, it’s the third car you’ve totaled.

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“What was it about?” … “Acceptance.

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“You worried about her? Then go find her, DiNozzo.”

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